Our Mission is to provide a proactive and collaborative integrated supply chain management for distributing and manufacturing companies based on an integrated international trade and compliance strategy.


WT World Trade Corporation provides international logistics, specializing in supply chain needs, providing seamless transportation for businesses that transport goods between Mexico and the United States. WT World Trade Corporation provides services regardless of the size of product, the market segmentation, and the type of company. The Company is dedicated to a high level of customer service, to providing strong economic compensation, and to building strong alliances with vendors and customers. WT World Trade Corporation offers a range of services, with the intention of providing for the external warehousing and fulfillment needs of any and every business that ships goods between the United States and Mexico

WT World Trade Corporation will engage in a variety of promotional tactics to increase brand awareness and expand its existing client base. The Company’s marketing strategy will include public relations, direct sales efforts, e-mail blasts, trade show attendance, and use of its existing website. WT World Trade Corporation will also leverage its current business contacts to encourage referral marketing. Through these methods, WT World Trade Corporation intends to strengthen its reputation and facilitate expansion to additional markets.